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Backend Engineer
Business Development


Financial Freedom on Earth.

We believe an impactful service with cutting edge technology will enable everyone on the planet to achieve financial freedom.

New Wave Flow into Finance

Building NFT infrastructure for users and DAOs to access the most comprehensive data, analytics, and tools
Creating valuable NFT content cooperating with promising companies and artists.
Developing AI technology specialized for the finance industry.
We present tools and a means to achieve financial freedom with the dream team members.

Our core values actions

We believe there is no value without action.

For Earth,
We are working boldly.
We have freedom of decision making.
You work professionally and you make the final decision. Success from your decision is rewarded to the highest level, but the responsibility for failure is to share in the experience of failure and learn from each other.
Liberty with responsibility
is better than rules.
We believe in the power of collective intelligence. Communication and sharing are necessary to make the most successful decisions. Because each person's knowledge and thoughts are different, based on the attitude of acknowledging the differences; we are constantly communicating and actively sharing it.
Fluid Stance, always.
A solid stance becomes an obstacle in a rapidly changing world.
We are acting fluidly and agilely.
We are admitting mistakes openly and learning from them.
We are always chasing the best ideas and communicate constructively while being open-minded because everybody can be wrong at any time.
Included within one-team
Nothing could be more painful than talking to a negative person. Most of the time, it's just a personal opinion that's impossible. We always think positively and find the best solution.

Culture and Benefits

Our philosophy is simple—To grow with passionate people, we make a culture that empowers great work.

Flat organization

If we are to create revolutionary services, we definitely need a progressive and flexible working culture. That is why we do not have job titles. We simply refer to each other by our names.


Unlimited free food

Which one is better? Having $100 for meal reimbursements or all meals covered? It doesn’t matter if it’s lunch, snack, or dinner. We cover all of your meals at our company.

working hours

You don't have to be a nine-to-five kind of person. Feel like starting your work at 11 am? Totally fine with it!

Fancy Tools

All tools you need to boost your working performance will be provided. Most of us have Macs, but you can choose your own weapon.

Any other benefits?

We are coming up with many different ways to provide good benefits to our members. Come join us and chip in creating new ideas for better work-life balance at FLFI.

Generous holiday

There are simply no rules for holiday. It feels horrible to work when you are ill or don’t feel like working, doesn’t it? Have some refreshing moments then! Leading a happy life is always our number 1 priority.

Competitive salary and Compensation

We try to compensate you in a way that best reflects the success of your career and ours.

Join us

We are looking for people who enjoy the moment of innovation, love collaborating, and sympathize with our vibes.
Come join us and change the way of designing finance.