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Financial Freedom on Earth.

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FLFI is a fintech startup that is building an AI-based money assistant service and DeFi protocols for everyone to achieve financial freedom.

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We are living in a time of great financial upheaval. Currencies and assets are being digitized, and the financial system is being innovated in a fairer way from the bottom.

In an open finance ecosystem that is accessible to anyone, anytime, and anywhere; we create sophisticated DeFi protocols that allow users to enjoy stable cash flow through higher interest rates than traditional finance.

Also, we're creating the smartest AI-based Money Assistant for people who are financially alienated or don't know how to manage their money.

Creating new financial services keeping pace with change is fun and meaningful.

Aliens invading earth

Kinda strange to get this question given the circumstances, but if asked: Is there financial freedom on your planet?

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What we do

Helping everyone acheive financial freedom
Building an AI assistant for money, who talks to you about spending habits, savings, investments, and taxation to help everyone achieve financial freedom.

We own multiple patents related to NLP & Chatbots specialized in the financial domain.
Shaping new opportunity of yield generation
Shaping Decentralized Finance protocol to maximize profit with stability. Additionally, we are combining NFT with DeFi in a new way that has never been seen before.

We collaborate with a wide variety of companies and protocols around the world.
Structuring strategies for empowerment
Utilizing our professional knowledge to create investment strategies that cross traditional finance and digital assets.

We invest in digital assets and businesses from the earliest stages of idea formation to maturity.

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