What We Do.

We believe an impactive service with cutting edge technology will enable everyone on the planet to achieve financial freedom.

Artificial Intelligence

Building AI technology specialized for the Finance Industry

Natural Language Processing
We built NLP Models specialized for the finance domain, including Intent Classifier, Entity Filter, Input Validator, and comprehensive Text-to-Speech(TTS) and Speech-to-Text(STT) Transformation techniques.
Data Augmentation
We developed data augmentation technology that can generate and augment data directly and applied for patents since thre is a lack of natural language data related to finance.
Utterance Engine
Advancing a deep learning engine that utters appropriately with a comprehensive interpretation of each user's data (Income, Expenditure, Occupation, Age, Country, Retirement goal, etc.).
Quantitative Trading
Inventing trading algorithms that reliably pursue higher returns than beta by collecting data from multiple markets, including digital assets.

Our technology can help

How much money do I have to earn & spend?
Here’s how to make a budget and stick to it – featuring an assistant that knows all about how you should spend your money and how you shouldn’t.
Portfolio Managing for each user’s Data
The success and failure of investments largely depend on how well the portfolio has been managed. Our assistant can be a guru of that.
How can I
save taxes?
Are you going to keep paying that ridiculously high tax? The assistant will help and guide you to the best way to save taxes.
When and how should I plan my retirement?
Everyone dreams of retirement, but few people can plan properly. The AI makes plans and check them every day to get you the freedom from money.
AI Speaker
Access all benefits more easily with voice activation
Yes, we know people don’t want to read text. Try connecting the assistant to a smart speaker in your home.
with Yours
You want to make your own service? Great. Spread financial freedom through our API or through Customization!
We’re producing successful NFTs based on
strong platforms, networks, and years of know-how.
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